About Us :

Rupali Bank SureCash is dedicated to widening the net of financial inclusion among the people of Bangladesh by facilitating money transfer through mobile phones. Rupali Bank SureCash provides Mobile Financial Services allowing customers to send, receive, and pay money from their mobile phones. Send and receive money, or make payments the fastest way there is! Rupali Bank SureCash enables you to send money to anyone, using an advanced technology available on your own mobile phone. The recipient will receive money instantly, no matter where s/he is. Payments through Rupali Bank SureCash also make your life easier as you do not have to go back home or anywhere else to get money when you need to buy something and have run out of cash. Even if you don't have the required amount in your Rupali Bank SureCash Wallet, someone else can easily send you the amount in times of need.

Send and receive money with minimal effort and cost. Rupali Bank SureCash provides the highest benefits to its customers at an affordable cost, enabling everyone to access the formal financial system of the economy.

In addition to eliminating initial monetary costs involved in entering the banking system, Rupali Bank SureCash greatly minimizes opportunity costs such as time and effort required to access such services. The service charges are minimal and there are no hidden costs involved.

Open a Rupali Bank SureCash Wallet on your own mobile and experience how Rupali Bank SureCash saves unexpected and incidental costs for you

Money in your Rupali Bank SureCash Wallet won't be lost even if you lose your mobile phone. Every transaction is protected by your very own PIN and what's more, state-of-the-art technology provided by VISA ensures that your money is always safe and secure in our system.

Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number that you create when you register for Rupali Bank SureCash. Each transaction you make needs to be authorized by entering your PIN. To ensure 100% safety of your own wallet, do not share your PIN with anyone.

Rupali Bank SureCash places a high priority on protecting your information to assure that your transactions and data are secure with Rupali Bank SureCash. Our security and compliance practices are regularly audited to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

Rupali Bank SureCash users enjoy increased convenience of accessing their finances from their own mobile phones anytime, anywhere. Rupali Bank SureCash gives you the flexibility to perform transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of time and place. "No queues no waiting"; the most convenient way of transferring money.

Be it on a bus, train, launch, or anywhere else; as long as you have a Rupali Bank SureCash Wallet on your mobile phone, you can access your wallet and send or receive money in seconds.

The Rupali Bank SureCash interface also uses a very easy and simple instruction based USSD channel. By dialing

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09609090909, 09606060606 09609090909, 09606060606 *257# *257# *375#

anyone can transfer money just by tapping a few buttons on his or her mobile phone. Rupali Bank SureCash is the most convenient way of transferring your money.

Our Mission :

By providing financial services that are advantageous, affordable and unfailing, Rupali Bank SureCash aims to amplify the net of financial inclusion. Rupali Bank SureCash wants to provide a solution for Mobile Financial Services, built on a highly scalable Mobile Money platform, allowing the people of Bangladesh to safely send and receive money via mobile devices.